Rod Control Lock

The rod control lock is a set of equipment assembled by connecting accessories. It is mainly used to lock the metal plate cabinet frame, the frame similar to doorframe or the door inside the box frame. This product is basically installed uprightly on the door or the frame. It is equipped with one positioning device on the door or door frame at least to receive the rod while locking the door at the close position, as well as the operation device for rod to connect to the door panel.

????12??Made of zinc alloy, stainless steel, plastic and other materials, the rod control lock supports special specifications customized by our users? Furthermore, this product is primarily applied in electric cabinet, communication cabinet, network cabinet, transportation vehicles, etc?

As a professional rod control lock manufacturer and supplier in China, SJ provides a vast array of products, including cabinet handle, cylinder cabinet lock, electronic lock, hinge, and toggle latch hasp, among others.

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