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This MS840 rod control lock is configured with the pocked black powder coated ZDC housing and handle, ZDC profile cylinder, white zinc plated steel cam and rod? Aided with the rod latch, the product allows the rotation of the handle in the angle of 90 degree for opening or locking? The K140 key is the default part?

Technical Specifications
Specification Model ERP
Optional rod latch system Mb01 MS840-1 MS840Z1B140001
Optional rod latch system Mb01, allowing locking with padlock MS840-1P MS840Z1B140002
Optional rod latch system Mb02 MS840-1-2 MS840Z1B140019
Optional rod latch system Mb02, allowing locking with padlock MS840-1-2P MS840Z1B140020
Cam latch system MS840-2 MS840Z1B140064
Cam latch system, allowing locking with padlock MS840-2P MS840Z1B140014

Optional accessories
????12?? Cam latch system Mb9 series, rod latch system Mb0 series, TC01/TC02/TC03 profile cylinder.

Remarks: PA housing or ZDC housing, default ZDC housing

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